Per Person Free

Kids Camp

Explore Our Natural World

You can start today by opening the door to go outside and explore the wealth of natural adventures right in our backyard. Our Jungle Kids Club is Safe, Fun and Hassle-Free time from the gifts of nature with lively trail hikes that combine kid-driven play with spontaneous nature observation with outdoor adventures; making learning experiential meaningful.

Program activities:

  1. Nature trail (±35min) – Outdoor educational experience in the unspoiled nature of our resort experiencing and appreciating the natural ecosystem, and how nature is connected to people, to each other, and to other resources. The trail allows visitors to move through the natural area without disrupting the environment.
  2. River Researcher (±50min >2 pax) – “Hands on investigation” of a nearby water source, gathering and observing the aquatic organisms as indicators of environmental quality, collecting and looking closely at aquatic macro-invertebrate organisms as indicators of environmental quality, particularly water quality, and by identifying the macro invertebrates by species and calculate the quality of the water source accordingly.
  3. Web of Life (±50min >4 pax) – Kids/parents take a closer look at a forest ecosystem by discovering the invisible linkages between the non-living things and living things found there and showing the relationships among members of a forest ecosystem.
  4. Farm Visit (±35min) – Journey through our organic farm with a positive impact on the natural ecosystem, and produce the healthiest vegetables nature can grow delivered by both our restaurants.

* This tour is bookable upon arrival only


  • Departure: All Day
  • Duration: 1hr

What's Included

  • Identification Guide of Macro-invertebrates
  • Sampling nets
  • Magnifying glass
  • Sampling jar

What To Bring

  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Change of Clothes

Special Notes

Per Person - Based on minimum of 1 Person

Activity Level: Moderate - brisk walks of level ground on varying terrain.