Of the many places in Thailand visited by tourists, few places offer guests a real jungle experience as Khao Sok does. This is why our founder, Dick Sandler, started the Our Jungle Camp: as Khao Sok continued to develop, he felt an increasing need for a space where locals and guests could get in touch with nature, and remind them of why Khao Sok is such a unique destination.

This is why our resort makes every effort to immerse guests in the unique beauty of the world’s oldest evergreen rainforest. The best way to preserve a place like Khao Sok is to remind guests and locals alike of what makes it so unique.

We are always looking for more ways to make a positive contribution to the communities in the area of Khao Sok

It’s not all about nature, of course. Khao Sok—and Thailand— are great places to visit because of the people and the prevailing culture. In addition to our onside Jungle Life Camp, which supports surrounding local schools with free environmental Full Day and Weekend Camps.

We are always looking for more ways to make a positive contribution to the communities in the area of Khao Sok, and this is why we are involved with Loom Blooms, the women’s weaving cooperative of the nearby village in Ban Cheow Lan.

After receiving training courses in livelihood restoration projects in 2012, a small group of women decided to form a cooperative that would allow locals to engage in traditional crafts while gaining a supplemental income. What started as a group of 3, is now up to 8 women in an expanded communal space. Not only are handicrafts produced, but the woman’s group also provides lessons to others in the community who would like to make their own traditional Thai Handicrafts for use around the home or sold through the cooperative as extra income.

Future plans include having a once-weekly market for local goods and produce and work stations for woven bamboo goods. We have been happy to help support this cooperative by carrying their traditional Thai scarves, called “Pa Kao Ma” and many additional products crafted from the fabric.

If you’d like to learn more about the project, we can arrange a visit to Cheow Lan Village. Where you can see the weaving looms and have a local lunch with a Thai family as part of a Private Overnight Lake Tour or as a dedicated Full-Day Village visit that can include other activities like hiking or canoeing.

This provides employment and income opportunities to local inhabitants, who wouldn’t otherwise benefit from tourism in the area. We highly encourage this activity, especially for guests who are interested in being immersed in Thai Culture and make connections away from the usual tourism trail.

In Khao Sok, it’s difficult to say which is the best part of a visit, nature or the people. Luckily, you can experience both on your visit to Our Jungle Camp in Khao Sok!