The good news, as of mid-May, the number of new cases in Thailand has hovered around 0 for most days.

Thailand, as a whole, is one of the Asian success cases. The fast and diligent measures applied by the Government have helped to contain the disease and maintain low infection numbers throughout all provinces. In a population of 70 million, there has been a total of just over 3,000 cases, and Thailand’s excellent health care system has meant there have been very few deaths.

Khao Sok National Park and Our Jungle Camp are located in a rural area of rainforest and plantations, far from congested urban areas. There have been no cases of the Covid-19 infection within 100 km of our site.

We are continuously doing our part here at Our Jungle Camp by offering visitors hand sanitation stations, the regular disinfection of surfaces, and by keeping a close eye on the health status of our guests and employees.

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Although the National Park is still officially closed, at Our Jungle Camp offers other tours and activities during which you can experience the wonders of the Khao Sok rainforest.”

In the meantime, we upgrade our property, educate our staff, and nourish the surrounding environment, to provide you with an even better close to nature experience once travel becomes convenient again.

We are looking forward to welcoming you here at Our Jungle Camp in Khao Sok to introduce you to our natural paradise,

The Our Jungle Camp Team