3 Day 2 Night All Inclusive Yoga Retreats at Our Jungle in Khao Sok

A life in harmony within your home at Our Jungle, your body, and your mind.

Yoga, an essential way of connecting to the inner self, balancing emotions, and at the same time strengthening the physical body, has become widespread and gained deep importance all over the world. By implementing it into our daily lives, it helps stabilize us for all aspects and situations we come across, helping us become more aware of our actions and thoughts in the flow of life.
The original meaning of yoga is to cultivate awareness, self-observation, self-regulation, and higher consciousness within your being.

At Our Jungle Camp, our unique, jungle yoga retreats provide you with a note of tranquility and harmony to your inner core, allowing for a balanced and peaceful ambiance for your 3 Day – 2 Night stay at our eco-resort. Feel into your senses whilst having luscious, vibrant leaves stretching out above you, with the warmth of the sun brushing upon your skin and noises of the jungle life surrounding you on our yoga deck.

Our yoga teacher will offer various styles of yoga sessions, such as Hatha, Jungle Vinyasa flow, Ashtanga; from beginner to intermediate levels.

Enjoy our organic food with vegetables and salad straightly harvested from our on-site farm, and completely immerse yourself within the yoga lifestyle by enjoying our other diverse sustainable offers. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options available upon request.

Yoga Highlights & Schedule



8x Yoga Classes (Hatha, Vinyasa, Pranayama & Meditation)

2x Nights at Our Jungle Resorts (TWN/DBL Bungalow Arrangement) incl. Full Board Meals

Time for Tubing, Trails & Nature

3D2N – Retreat 1: 2-4 July 2021

3D2N – Retreat 2: 16-18 July 2021

3D2N – Retreat 3: 13-15 August 2021

3D2N – Retreat 4: 20-22 August 2021

Private Group Request (+ 4 Guests minimum)

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Yoga Itinerary

Day 1
Early Afternoon Arrive in Surat Thani for your pick up to Khao Sok, check-in
17:00 Introduction to Mindful Breathing (Pranayama) (1 hr)
18:00 Evening Intro – Qi Gong and Yin Yoga (Gentle deep stretch) (1 hr)
19:00 Dinner
Day 2
6:00 Sunrise Pranayama and Qi Gong (1 hr)
7:00 Vinyasa Flow, High Energy Session (1 hr)
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Optional: hiking, canoeing, river tubing, etc., — extra fee will be charged
12:00 Lunch & free time
16:00 Evening Mandala Creation, Ecstatic Dance, Moving Energy Work (1.5 hr)
17:30 Evening Guided Meditation (Yoga Nidra) (1 hr)
19:30 Dinner
Day 3
6:00 Sunrise Pranayama-Mindful Breathing (1 hr)
7:00 Morning Vinyasa Flow Yoga (1 hr)
9:00 Breakfast
11:00 Check-out; Return to Surat Thani Airport or Train Station

What kind of Yoga?

Pranayama is the practice of breath control, synchronizing breath, and intention. Done before or after yoga practice.

Hatha Yoga is all postures (asanas) of a longer holding yoga practice.

Vinyasa is a specific, often spontaneous, sequencing for yoga practice.

Yoga Nidra is a guided (Verbal cues) relaxation of the entire body done laying down. Evening practice is especially nice with candles.

Ecstatic dance is a 30-minute high-energy journey of dance with music.

Qi Gong is moving body meditation and working with energy (prana) and tapping the body