The Our Jungle Camp – Half Day Half Night Tour is the perfect option for the active visitor who wants to experience the most in a 4 to 6-hour afternoon to evening tour. We recommend this nature tour option on your arrival day in Khao Sok, as if you depart after 4:00 pm into Khao Sok National Park, you will be able to reuse your 300 THB National Park Entrance fee on the following day.

Alternatively, for a longer hike you can depart as early as 2:00pm, which lead you much further into Khao Sok National Park to explore a waterfall or swimming hole, while being on the lookout for pristine wildlife. If you are lucky you will be able to forage some additional herbs and plants for your Jungle Meal on your way through 1.5 – 3-hour hike into the evergreen Rainforest.


  • Hike into Khao Sok National Park for approx. 4-7km (1.5h – 3.0h)
  • Setup your Jungle Dinner Camp, help with the food preparation
  • Enjoy your dinner amidst the pristine nature of Khao Sok National Park
  • Return once the sun has set for 1.5h – 2.0h of Night Safari

As the sunsets, you will setup your cooking station in the jungle or at the nearby ranger station of Bang Hua Rat, where toilets and tables are available. Your English speaking guide will introduce you to the art of Thai Jungle Cooking, explaining the way on how to prepare bamboo tubes, start a fire and prepare your campsite in the jungle. On the menu for your Khao Sok Jungle Dinner is Thai style BBQ chicken, Thai curry, mixed vegetables, bamboo rice, fresh fruits, jungle cake, coffee, tea and water.

After such a great dinner experience you will have time to roam around before the sun sets completely and we embark on our way back to Khao Sok Town. The 4km hike along the main trail will provide you with a complete different jungle feeling in the night as nocturnal animals become alive. Guests recently been able to spot various sleeping mammals from Macaques to Langurs to various bird species. Special sightings are always, Civet and Fishing Cats as well as a Slow Loris, what will you discover on your Half Day – Half Night Tour? After around 1.5 hours you will return to Our Jungle Camp where you can relax and recapture this exciting experience.


Note: Our Jungle Camp can provide a family friendly option with Jungle Dinner at Our Jungle Camp and a Night Safari at Our Jungle House Trails, this tour is suitable for children from 4 years of age.