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Our Active Khao Sok Jungle Adventure package offers Khao Sok bound travelers the best selection of exciting and adventurous activities in Khao Sok and Khlong Phanom National Park in combination with a night in our unique Treehouses and Bungalows. Float down Khao Sok River in an inner tube, explore a vast cave in Khlong Phanom National Park, see the forest at Night and experience Cheow Lan Lake during a memorable Cheow Lan Lake Overnight Tour. We recommend this package to active clients, interested in nature and for families with children 10 years and above, to enjoy all activities to the fullest.

4 Days / 3 Nights


Day 1 (-/-/D)

Arrive at Our Jungle Resorts check in to your room of choice after 2:00 pm and explore the vast property. We highly recommend you to visit our dedicated Organic Farm and our 3 pristine Nature Trails on your own.

At around 3:30 pm, meet in swimming attire and potential water shoes at the reception for your Khao Sok River Tubing Adventure. The fun journey will start up the river from the bridge in town. Hop on a rubber tube (from a car tire) and ride it down the river. Seize this opportunity to see the river and its stunning surroundings while cruising the river yourself. Depending on the water level, there are some areas where the water moves faster, and you can rock and roll down the rapids. Local guides will accompany you and make sure your ride is both fun and safe. In the calmer parts of the river, the guides can help you to spot monkeys, birds and snakes sleeping in the trees. The journey will conclude after around 1.5 to 2.0 hours of river fun, afterwards you will transfer back to Our Jungle Resorts in a local Songthaew.

Dinner will be served at Our Jungle Restaurant from 06:00 pm, with the rest of the evening to enjoy the natural surroundings from Our Jungle Bar or from your private Bungalow or Treehouse balcony.

Day 2 (B/L/D)

Start your morning slowly and observe the floating mist dissolve over the surrounding Rainforest and Limestone Karsts. After breakfast, pack your hiking shoes and meet your driver at 09:00 am at Our Jungle Reception. You will transfer to a Cave Temple from where you ascend for 30 minutes to a vast cave entrance, explore the cave, which is known to be used by monks to meditate. After you return to the temple grounds below, you will transfer to a local restaurant along the Sok river, where a 3 course Thai Style lunch awaits the adventurers. After being refreshed and refueled, it is time for the last part of the journey, Bamboo Rafting down the Sok River.

After a relaxing journey along the cliff and mountain ranges, a short break for bamboo coffee and a swim, you will transfer back to Our Jungle Resorts at around 02:00 pm, the rest of the afternoon is kept free at leisure, if you like you can upgrade from a Dinner in Our Jungle Restaurant to our special Bamboo Cooking Experience (350 THB surcharge per person)

Additional Bamboo Cooking Experience – Meet your guide at 4:30 pm at our jungle reception, you will be introduced to the local craft of bamboo cooking, experience how locals cooked when staying overnight in the forest. Help to start and maintain your fire and to prepare a variety of Thai Dishes, Green Curry, Barbecue Chicken, Rice wrapped in leafs and pancakes, all cooked in Bamboo Tubes over the open fire. Vegetarian options are available upon request, dinner will be served in our jungle restaurant.

Settle in for dinner at around 06:00 pm, as by 07:00 pm, you will meet your guide to embark on an exciting Night Safari into Khao Sok National Park. Try your luck and look out for the world’s smallest deer, a civet cat, amazing insects, and maybe even a slow loris. Let our guides take you into the rainforest to see that the jungle is certainly not asleep at night. Return to Our Jungle Resorts at around 9:30 pm, and spend the rest of the evening in Our Jungle Bar or retire to your room, where you will fall asleep to the sounds of nature.

Day 3 (B/L/D)

Wake up early to the sound of gibbons in the distance prepare for your exciting Overnight trip to Cheow Lan Lake, by packing your Overnight Lake bag. breakfast starts at 07:30 am.
At 09:00 am, meet your guide at the reception area of Our Jungle Resorts, from where you will transfer to Takun town (1.15 hrs) by MiniVan. En route, stop to buy supplies and snacks and board your boat at Rachabrapa Pier by 10:30 am. Explore the lake by local long tail boat taking in the majestic scenery of striking white limestone cliffs and emerald green waters. Visit secluded inlets and the “Little Guilin.” After another short journey, check into your Basic Raft House, and settle down for a local Lunch served at the water’s edge.

In the early afternoon, at around 2:00 pm, depending on your interest, location of your raft house, and the weather/seasons, you will embark on one of the following activities:

Hike to Coral Cave: This is an easy- moderate 1.5-2 hours’ round trip. Start from the Trailhead 15 min away from your accommodation, hike for approx. 40 minutes to a local fishermen’s spot from where you will take a bamboo raft across the blue waters of 500 Rai Lake. Explore the pretty caverns of Coral Cave with its stalagmites and stalactites, before making the return journey to your Floating Raft.
Hike to Nam Talu Cave : A more adventurous and strenuous activity, this jungle hike is a physically demanding 3 hours’ round trip journey to a water cave. Once at the cave you will wade and swim through water that is sometimes chest high. Make your return journey through bamboo groves and Liana lined jungle paths. Not recommended for children under 12 years of age, option only available in dry season (December-April), and only for swimmers

Hike to Bang Hoi Waterfall: (in the rainy season) the 2 to 3-hour excursion, via Long Tail Boat or Canoe, depending on your choice of raft house, offers an easy hiking option up small step waterfalls. The jungle is thick and chances of seeing wildlife on the trail or the surroundings are high.

Lang Klong Ka Nature Hike and or Diamond Cave Visit: This hike is a great option for a 3-hour excursion during rainy season for the whole family, the hike is a medium demanding 5 km hike amongst pristine rainforest with large trees and plenty of opportunities to value the surrounding nature environment, during the boat ride towards or after the trail you will stop at the very accessible Diamond Cave, where your guide will explain about the unique history of the areas signature mountain formations.

On your way back to your Basic Raft House, venture out to the more remote parts of the lake, on an exciting evening boat safari to see wildlife such as giant Hornbills, Gaurs and Sambar Deer. Return to your Raft House, freshen up and enjoy a delicious dinner, fresh fish is usually the order of the day! Spend the night under the stars at your own floating porch.

Day 4 (B/L/-)

Start the day with an early morning safari (6:30 am) by boat or canoe, keep an eye out for Dusky Langurs, Macaque Monkeys, Gibbons or even wild Elephants. Morning times are very special at the lake, as the morning mist and Gibbon calls provide a unique serenity, which is often described as a once in a lifetime experience. Following breakfast at around 08:00 am, you will have some additional time to enjoy the surrounding natural beauty, embark on a self- guided canoe adventure, swim or just relax on the front porch of your floating bungalow.

At around 9:30 / 10:00 am, check out of your room and say goodbye to the raft house, with the towering cliffs above you, the way back from your accommodation, is sure to be a pleasant journey. You return to Cheow Lan Lake Pier at around 11:30 am from where you will transfer either back to Our Jungle Resorts in Khao Sok or directly to your onward destination.


Please note: the program and accommodation may be subject to change, due to weather conditions, guide recommendations and availability of raft houses on a given day.

Minimum of 2 pax per booking, guests above 10 years of age

Not included: Beverages, National Park Fees and tips.

Valid until 31st October 2024