Join us at Our Jungle Resorts for a calming daily retreat offer from 1st till 7th of July, immerse yourself in the fresh air and quietness of the Jungle, the ideal condition to cultivate the habits of proper breathing. You will learn and practice the foundational breathing techniques for Yoga, mindfulness and meditation. As demonstrated in ancient teachings, proper breathing can improve spinal postures, immunity, hormone balance, and athletic performance, while reduce snoring and asthma symptoms.

Through the daily program with six 45-min sessions, you will learn:

  • Diaphragm Breathing Techniques – to boost energy and increase flexibility
  • Calming Breathing Techniques – to enhance mental clarity and better sleep
  • Deep Breathing Techniques – for physical cleansing and stress recovery
Leverage the calming power and serenity of the pristine nature of Khao Sok to learn the most powerful breathing techniques!

In between learning sessions, you can practice your new breathing technique among nature.  Take an easy walk along the 2.5 km natural path or enjoy a refreshing dip in the gentle flowing river.

The visiting program health coach Prema has over 15 years of Wellbeing Coaching experience, specialized in Yoga and Meditation.  This extensive background has allowed her to cultivate a profound knowledge of yogic principles, mindfulness practices and the integration of mind, body, and spirit.  She has guided many clients on their wellbeing journeys, helping them to develop strength and flexibility, mental clarity and a holistic approach to harmonize personal and professional life.

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Daily Activity Schedule

6 x 45 min, two sessions before breakfasts, two sessions before dinners, and two sessions before bedtime.

7am Diaphragm Breathing to boost Energy
8am Calming Breathing for Mental Clarity
4pm Deep Breathing for Physical Cleansing
5pm Diaphragm Breathing to increase flexibility
7pm Deep Breathing for Stress Recovery
8pm Calming Breathing for better Sleep

Note: Individual private session or selected group sessions are also available upon request.

Special Promotional Rate:

  • Daily Group Rate: THB 2,500 – 6 x 45 min
  • Session Group Rate: THB 850– 1 x 45 min
  • Private Rate: THB 2,800 – 1 x 45 min

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